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I’m Heather, trained as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Certified Master Thyroid Coach as well as Therapeutic Essential Oil Specialist and founder of Revive Thyroid Wellness. How does a thyroid health coach benefit you?




With a whole body and lifestyle approach, I provide an opportunity to learn and develop necessary tools needed to help you understand and master your health.
I help people navigate thyroid issues, hormone imbalance and digestive issues so they can feel in control of their own life again.



You can become an empowered advocate for your health and wellness.



Thyroid an digestive imbalance sometimes creates serious mayhem and impacts not only our physical health but also emotional and financial state. Through experience, I understand this and I help people step up as the master of their body. As your personal health coach I am the bridge to listen, interpret and help with what your doctor likely does not know about what’s happening on the inside, on a cellular level.

It is true, knowledge is power!
















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